Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our Offerings

1. M2O Quiz research:
The wide experience of TeaM BiZdOM in participating, conducting and designing quizzes for last 5 years gives an edge where we can provide you with tailored quizzes that suits your needs and occasions. The experience of preparing in depth content for quizzes across various domains has been showcased in live quiz events catered to corporates and schools. Made_2_order (M2O) quiz is a speciality of TeaM BiZdOM, where you name the topic and we deliver the quiz…..

2. Preparatory content for competitions:
Today’s child being fed with so many knowledge dopes that hitherto multifarious questions in competitive exams have plundered into oblivion. We at TeaM BiZdOM prepare content for mock competitive exams.

3. Joyful LearninG ProGression (JLP):
JLP transcends School students towards mental excellence, where on this journey a child sheds his fear of mathematics. JLP has on board subject experts presenting the seemingly complex mathematical concepts in a lucid manner.
JLP consists of interactive modules with lots of practical and daily life incidents incorporated in the teaching methodology. Join us on the journey of Joyful learning Progression and we will make sure that you reach your destination.

4. E_PorTFoLiO:
The job market at present is lop sided affair, with Jobs aplenty available but the required talent in sparse. There is and there always be demand for experts, but the question remains whether there is enough quality talent available. What makes this talent a rare species is the fact that many whizkids do not know the ground realities of doing business in real life.
Team bizdom comes with a unique mix of theoretical concepts and the actual their application in practice. The domains we address are Retail, Banking, Insurance, Finance, Marketing and Sales. This abridging of books to business will be through modules containing real life problem solving dockets. Make full use of this docket and ready yourself for corporate life.

5. MiNd GameS (MG):
We develop educational and fun games for pre primary level of students, challenging real life case studies for B-School students and puzzling mind games for corporates.

6. The News Around Us (TNAU):
The World Around Us (TWAU) - this is targeted towards school kids and makes them aware about the happenings from across the world.
The Business Around Us (TBAU) - for B-school students, its key objective is to enhance the knowledge of management students with regards to their business environment.